Your use of the data you have access to

The personal data of others to which you have access to on and any data (spoken, written, talks, presentations, screenshots, documents, ...) which has been shared at meetings and events as well as the information which other persons have shared on may solely be used for your own learning and knowledge building around the discussed topics. You are strictly prohibited to use any of the gathered data for marketing or sales purposes. A transfer of any data, which you accessed through or which you gathered in one of the meetings and events, as well as personal data like contact information and email addresses to third parties without having explicit consent is prohibited. A key to knowledge sharing is, of course, networking. If you wish to disclose personal data to third parties outside, you must first ask for the consent of the party from whom you are disclosing the data. However, you may ask for consent if it concerns knowledge sharing and learning purposes, not marketing or sales. You are not permitted to use the platform to ask for consent in regards of using the data for any marketing or sales purposes.

Which data we gather and how we use it

Advatera provides an exchange of experience for marketing, communication and digital executives of medium and large size organizations. For this purpose, we collect your name, contact details such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers as well as job role and company address as well information about at which Advatera meetings and events you were interested in and at which you took part in our contact database. Likewise, communications with you, especially emails, are stored on our mail server and contact database. We might be able to see if you opened an email, for example if you clicked on one of the links in the email.

By registering on, your name and the name of the organization you work for as well as the country you are from will also be accessible and shared to other members on At you can decide which data will be stored additionally. This voluntary data helps sharing experiences and includes for example information about your expertise and job role as well as a profile picture which you can upload. This data can be changed and deleted at any time by yourself, also you can select who has access to this information. We use that data to keep you posted on knowledge sharing meetings, events and conferences as well as on topics and news around the topics discussed at the meetings and events. Documents you upload to and posts you write on are accessible to all members of by default although you can change the visibility of data at any time. If you are participating in Advatera meetings or events we will ask you for the consent to be listed on the participants list with your name, organization and e-mail address. You can refuse to be shown on the participants list at any time. Sometimes we send out meeting invitations for our knowledge sharing meetings as an Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar event, which means, that other invited persons might see that you have been invited as well. The participation data is also accessible to other members of, this helps for further knowledge sharing in between of the meetings and events. Other meeting and event participants as well as members might contact you directly on the platform or via e-mail.

You can at any time delete all your data on by clicking here (on the right hand side on the settings page you will see the option "account removal") and you can also request us to delete all your data in our contact database by writing to For some of the data, for example invoices, we are bound by law to store it for several years. You also have the right to get information on which data we store, where we store it and you have the right that inaccurate data is corrected. Also therefore please contact us at

When sending out information we segment data based on your job profile and the areas of interest derived from it, email opening rates as well as your geographic area and former participations at our events and meetings.

On our website we use Google analytics and other technologies including Cookies. Among other things, cookies and further technologies allow us to store your preferences; to simplify your registration; to provide you with interest-based advertising; to combat fraud; and analyze how our website and online services work.

We do not sell any data to third parties. All our data processors (i.e. hosting provider, accountant) are bound by contract and/or law also to comply to data privacy regulations. For we use a data hosting company in Germany.


Websites use cookies to provide you with a better user experience. Cookies are text files which are stored on your computer via your Internet browser. Many websites use cookies. Such cookies usually contain an identification number with which your Internet browser can be clearly identified. This makes it possible to distinguish your computer from others and to keep you signed in at even if you shortly close your browser window.

On we use only first party cookies that are important for the use of the website, including managing the login process. We do not use third party cookies like analytics software or advertisment software . If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please deactivate this functionality in the settings of your browser. This might result into non-function of some parts of You can also delete cookies that have already been saved in the settings of your Internet browser.


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