For whom is my.advatera.com?

my.advatera.com is aimed exclusively at digital, marketing and communication managers of organizations from various industries for the purpose of knowledge exchange. It is an ad-free platform. We have decided to use our own platform independent of social media channels such as LinkedIn or Xing to ensure that confidential presentations, slides, reports and other documents associated with our knowledge sharing meetings can also be uploaded.

Does it cost something?

We do offer a subscription model where you, or better said your organization, can participate in our face to face as well as online knowledge sharing sessions around Europe. If you are interested to join one of the meetings free of charge, as trial, then please sind an email to info@advatera.com

Accessing the basic parts of my.advatera.com is free of charge, you may sign-up here. We reserve the right to check and reject the registration. The platform is exclusively for interns of medium and large organizations, agencies and consultants are excluded.